We began manufacturing closed welded profiles and Advanced High Strength Steel roll formed Shapes in the early nineteen eighties. We currently roll form Dual Phase, Martensitic, HSLA, Boron and HSLA Steels for our customers every day. High strength steels with tensile strengths from 40ksi (340 MPA) to 230ksi (1500 MPA) are manufactured for existing programs to provide you with light weight high value solutions for your product needs.

Because these materials are so strong, there’s quite a bit of spring back when working with them—in other words, the material wants to return to its original form. This makes it a difficult material to stamp. But roll forming allows us to bend and over bend multiple angles numerous times as the part progresses through the multiple forming stations provided by the roll forming machine.  This allows us to roll form ultra high strength steels to tighter tolerances with less spring back than a stamping operation.