Roll formed parts that are used in aircraft include airframe stringers and interior components like trim and window frames; stiffeners; jet engine components such as honeycomb seals, shrouds and backing rings; leading edges of composite helicopter blades, etc.



The agriculture sector uses a variety of roll formed shapes that include channels and angles and other shapes such as trim and structural components for tractors, wagons, combines, and other farm implement equipment, grain bin floors, chicken roosts, grape stakes, etc,



Roll forming is used to make parts for the appliance sector that include refrigerator panels, shelving, shell fronts and shelf ladder, door seal retainers, decorative trim, handles, rack track, mullion strip, escutcheons, deflectors, glass retainer, backsplash, back guard, flipper door, dishwasher rackslide, racktrack, shelf rail, door trim, etc.



Roll forming is used to make automotive parts that include decorative trim, moldings, window frames, wire harness, division bars, and seating track, etc.


Bridge/Highway Products

Signs, signposts, and guardrails, and deck reinforcement panels are examples of roll formed highway and bridge parts.


Building/Construction Products

Roll formed shapes are used extensively by various segments of the building products industry including channels and angles used as joists, studs, furring, slats,, expansion joint , and corner bead used in commercial and residential construction; as metal roof decks and siding panels for metal buildings; as trim for wood windows, and framing for metal doors; as metal slats in rolling doors; as track for sliding doors; as decorative trim for house wares, etc.


Elevators and Escalators

Roll formed parts are used in the construction of elevators and escalators as decorative trim and roll formed shapes are used as internal framework components 



The furniture industry can be subdivided into several smaller sectors such as business and institutional furniture, lawn and patio furniture, house wares, kitchen and bath, seating, etc. that include roll formed products such as modular and sliding partitions; work surface reinforcements; shelves; drawer slides; kitchen and file cabinets; lighting fixtures; metal picture frames; decorative trim

Material Handling

Material handling equipment such as conveyors use roll formed pallet rack, step beams and gravity flow channels for framework members.


Railroad/Rapid Transit

Roll formed channels and roll formed angles are used in the construction of railroad and rapid transit cars. These roll formed shapes consist of structural shapes as well as light gauge roll formed parts such as track, supports, trim, grab bars, etc


Storage rack components made by roll forming include that are designed to interlock using keyhole patterns, etc

Store Fixtures

Roll forming is used in the manufacturer of store fixture components such as POP displays and garment racks.