Most of us are familiar with traditional scaffolding constructing, applying wooden boards or planks to form support decks. But over time wood decay, saw cuts, and ultraviolet deterioration shorten the life span of the plank.

Despite OSHA and anti-mandated plank testing, there are over 4,500 injuries, 50 deaths, and $90 million in scaffolding failure related accidents each year. Because of this, Patent Construction Systems needed a new concept in scaffold planking. They approached Superior Roll Forming as a potential vender.

The challenge was to produce a light gauge steel plank that delivered a total lower cost than wood, offered long-term corrosion resistance, yet at the same time offered improvements in safety and strength.

The process we ultimately developed for Patent actually connected two lines together, forming 180 foot long mill. By pre-piercing points into a raise herringbone patter in galvanized steel, we created a unique way to deliver a slip resistant surface that also offered long-term corrosion resistance.

 The steel scaffold plank was designed to fasten to itself, increasing overall strength. The addition of end caps not only protected plank ends but promoted additional slip resistance and eliminated tripping hazards caused by open ends. The end result delivered a more rigid, less bouncy feel than wood.

 Unlike the wooden planks of other places, Patent Suredeck Steel Scaffold Plank is a completely self-supporting deck that won’t rot, absorb moisture, split, splinter, warp, or burn. And because it’s made of galvanized steel, it’s friendlier to the environment.

And the bottom line, the Patent Plank was 50% lighter than wood and lasted five times longer. 

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