Welser Profile is a technology leader in producing custom cold roll formed sections and tubes made of steel in Austria and Germany – and now in the United States

The Welser Profile group has been successfully promoting its custom cold roll formed sections in the North American market.

The family-run business continuously drives innovation in the roll forming industry by developing complex cross sections specific to customers' needs and requirements.

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Today, Welser Profile is happy to announce that we are taking the next step towards stronger customer service and North American presence thru the acquisition of Superior Roll Forming. Superior Roll Forming will contribute enormously to our product portfolio and we will benefit from further diversification in the North American Market. The acquisition of Superior Roll Forming will build the cornerstone for future activities on the continent.

Both family owned companies have a long history of producing high strength, complex profiles: Thomas Welser, member of the 11th generation ownership of Welser Profile and current spokesman of the management board affirms: “Superior is an outstanding producer, run by a dedicated family, and supported by an experienced staff. We all want to supply our customers with the best solutions available on the market and we believe in the same values and goals. This should make the cooperation between Superior and ourselves very easy.”

Bill Johnson will be president and CEO. The former owners,Tim and Kevin Synk, will stay as part of the management team and focus on the automotive industry. Tim will contribute his expertise as vice president of sales & engineering while Kevin will serve as vice president of operations. Bill Johnson has been managing director of Welser, Inc, Welser‘s sales company in Chicago. Bill has many years of experience in the metal forming industry, having been in leading positions in production management, sales, quality and marketing departments. “The employees are the heart and soul of the organization and one of the major reasons for the acquisition. We are looking forward to the synergies this partnership provides. Superior Roll Forming is an industry leader and the core reason is the team. The family values that exist in the company will only be further enhanced with the Welser Profile group. Only positive outcomes are possible in the future."

Welser Profile is a market leading manufacturer in roll forming of special sections and tubes. This family owned international business is now in its 11th generation of working in steel. Welser Profile has designed and produced over 21,500 unique cross sections for the market. These profiles are made from Steel, Stainless Steel and other non-ferrous metals. With facilities in both Austria and Germany, Welser Profile has over 2 million square feet of manufacturing space dedicated to the production and support of metal sections and employees over 2,100 employees.

Welser Profile is committed to the advancement in technology, quality and service in a family oriented culture. The company is certified in ISO9001:2008, OHSAS 18002:2007, ISO14001:2004, ISO50001:2011, and ISO/TS16949:2009 Quality management systems.