Dual Phase and Martensitic Steel Tubing Production

As one of the only companies offering tubing from these materials, we have given design engineers the ability to incorporate low weight very high strength components with increased performance features.

Ultra high strength steel include Dual-Phase and Martensitic Steel. Dual-phase steel is a high-strength steel that has a ferrite and martensitic microstructure. Martensitic steel has a ferrite and martensitic microstructure. Martensitic steel has a distinctive atomic structure created through a process called martensitic transformation. Both are high strength, low weight metal with high tensile strengths ranging from 700 to 1300 MPA.

The tubing is cost effective when compared to aluminum, and aides in mass reduction. When used in automotive and transportation applications, it improves crash safety, while increasing fuel efficiency. It is ideal for applications such as side impact beams, bumpers, seats, and structural components.

The goal is to offer ultra-high strength steel tubing in standard sizes and configurations. Sizes such as 1 in. x 1 in., 1 in. x 2 in., and 2.5” rounds will be available. Contact us for gauges and other sizes as well as quantity minimums and product lead times. 

Roll Forming Advance Strength Steels

Superior Roll Forming has been featured in a case study for SSAB steel. The article highlights our commitment to the continuous improvement of processes, techniques and the products we manufacture.

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